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Somali cats

Country of origin:

Yellowy brown and cream, apricot and red, blue and cream, silver

Agile, energetic, playful, curious, resourceful, jealous, outgoing, loves human companionship

3,5-7 kg

11-13 years

Other names:
Somali cat

Litter size:
About 5

Somali cats are now popular all over the world. They are elegant-looking medium-sized cats with inexhaustible energy and gorgeous fur. These cats are very much in need of their owners’ attention, so if you spend all day at work, think about how you can brighten up your cat’s routine. Although cats sleep about 16 hours a day, a Somali cat would be happy to have at least one companion in the house – both Somalis and other breeds are perfect for this.

History of the breed

Somali cats became famous relatively recently – at the beginning of the 20th century. The breed was developed experimentally – Abyssinian cat breeders dreamed of breeding silver or blue-coated „Abyssinians“ and crossed their pets with Persian, Angora and Chinchilla cats. The litters of cats produced one or two kittens with long fur and several shades of hair. It was these kittens that were used for further breeding, but the dream of an Abyssinian cat with silver or blue fur never came true. At that time, the foundations for further breeding of Abyssinian cats were already in place, but the outbreak of the Second World War was a major setback for felinology. The real story of the Somali cat can thus be said to have begun in the year v, when an Abyssinian cat breeder from New Jersey accidentally acquired a cat called Geordie. The breeder was even happier when she found out that George was the son of a cat she had bred herself. This Abyssinian cat breeder also had a cat with the long-hair gene, so she started a new breed of cat. By 1967, Somali cats were already attracting interest in the United States and Canada, and within a year the breed was recognised by the Cat Fanciers of America (CFA). On 1 January 1982, the Somali cat breed was recognised by FIFe. The first Somali cats came to Lithuania from Riga in 1995, and four years later the first Somali kittens were born in Lithuania.

Somali cats: appearance

As this cat breed is still very young, the ideal standard has not yet been established. The Somali cat is very similar in appearance to the Abyssinian cat, but the Somali cats are larger and have a longer coat.  Typically, these cats weigh between 3.5 and 7 kg and have a medium-sized body. The head of the Somali cat is elongated, triangular in shape, with straight lines and very strong jaws. The ears are large, with „brushes“ of hair. Legs long, graceful, paws compact. Eyes are very expressive, may be amber or green. Tail long, covered with long hairs. The entire body is covered by a rather long, soft and dense coat, slightly shorter on the shoulders than on other parts of the body. The fur on the neck forms an impressive „collar“. There are several colours of Somali cats: wild, pink, blue or deerskin. There can be up to twelve different shades on a single hair! Kittens are born almost black, and the so-called true coat is acquired when the cat is two years old.

Somali cats: character

Somali cats are character: fearless, intelligent, affectionate and friendly. They are also very easy going which makes them excellent for families with children. These beautiful creatures can be identified by their distinct black points on their face and legs that look like diamonds or stars.

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