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The 10 best dog breeds to keep at home

A dog needs to be raised from a young age. It is up to the owner to decide how their four-legged friend will grow up. Even a seemingly strict dog can be the cutest creature in the world. And vice versa. Although, of course, there are good dog breeds that are not genetically predisposed to aggression. If you’re thinking about what kind of pet to get, take a look at our recommendations.

Best dog breeds

Everyone knows the saying that looks can be deceiving. This is true not only for humans but also for pets. As a rule, dogs with good manners come in quite large breeds. So don’t jump to conclusions, but rather check.

English Bulldog and Maltese Bichon

The English Bulldog and the Maltese Bichon seem like complete opposites. However, both have a good character and a cheerful manner. They make excellent companions and are really easy to train. It is true that bulldogs are rather lazy, but this does not mean that they do not need to be trained. The main thing is to be sensible about the problem and the choice of dog.

Consider that the bulldog has short hair, so it likes to be warm. Also, this dog snores loudly. The Maltese Bichon is an ornamental species. Its coat is hypoallergenic, so the breed is suitable even for those prone to allergies. The Bichon needs strict upbringing and good care.

Samoyed and Bobtail

The Samoyed and the Bobtail are robust breeds with a long history. The former has played the role of sled pulling and hunting dog, while the latter has been a herding dog. These animals are intelligent and kind-hearted and have always been close to people.

Samoyeds are very clean, so they need to be well looked after. Of course, ideally, such a dog should be kept in a house and not in an apartment. However, nowadays the pet lives in such conditions as well. And Old English Shepherds love to spend time with children and are known as excellent babysitters. human attention is vital for this breed, otherwise the dog will start to get sad.

Laika and Collie

Laika is a kind and caring dog. She is ready to sacrifice herself to save her owner if necessary. Even at night, you can walk safely with such a four-legged dog: it will not let you off the hook. Please note that this breed needs a lot of attention. It needs regular walks, exercise and proper care.

The Collie is an intelligent breed. The Scottish Shepherd is loyal to its owner and gets on particularly well with children. This dog may not trust strangers: this is how a pet protects its family. The dog is very good with training and loves to be active. In addition, this breed is often used in psychotherapy.

Pug and Bernese Mountain Dog

The Pug is a loyal breed that needs to be well looked after. The dog needs a special diet and regular training. Otherwise, it can develop serious health problems. Pugs love children and can hardly tolerate loneliness. It is said to be a rather lazy dog breed. However, it all depends on the owner, as the pet copies his habits.

The Bernese Mountain Dog has a calm and good-natured character. It is loyal to its owner and is very attached to him. At the same time, the pet gets on well with other people, even strangers. They also have no problems with other animals.

Sen Bernard and Labrador Retriever

The Saint Bernard is a breed that was once bred to rescue mountaineers. You will feel protected around such a pet. This peaceful pet is caring and patient. There are cases in history where a brave dog has tangled with a bear in order to save its owner. At the same time, it is almost impossible to anger such a dog in normal life.

When people talk about nice dogs, you simply cannot do without a Labrador Retriever. It is a breed with an impeccable and obedient nature. The muscular dog is devoted to its owner and has a subtle sense of the mood of each family member. They can rightly be called optimistic dogs. They get along well with children, other dogs and even cats.

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