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The most suitable dog by zodiac sign

We usually choose a dog based on the breed we like. However, it is often difficult to predict whether you will get along with your new pet. One way to find out which breed is best suited to your character is to choose a pet according to your zodiac sign.


American Staffordshire Terriers are devoted and loyal dogs. The breed’s mild aggressiveness will suit Aries owners and will not be a hindrance, as they will be determined to train their pet properly. These dogs are very reliable and friendly, but sometimes become stubborn. However, if you are a typical Aries, such a dog can become a submissive friend.


The most suitable dog for you is a German Shepherd. They are loyal and very intelligent, obedient dogs, so you can easily train them. You should also be impressed by their regal mien. Some German Shepherds can be distant and serious, like most Taurus. They will make you feel safe because they are considered good guard dogs.


Fast and agile Border Collies are the perfect match for your character. Very intelligent and easy to train, Border Collies have lots of stamina and determination. They are impatient and very quick learners, so they will adapt easily to your changing world.


The right dog breed for you is the Labrador Retriever. Not only are they loving, gentle natured and loyal, but they also make wonderful family dogs. They are extremely friendly and sociable, mild mannered and calm. They enjoy a wide range of activities, express love and tenderness within the family, and are therefore ideal for Cancerians, for whom family is very important.


Tall, loyal and dignified, Bullmastiffs are your type. When you lead this huge dog, you will feel the attention from those around you that you both need. Underneath their impressive appearance are devoted, loyal, cheerful, confident and attentive pets that will make their owner feel proud.


The majestic-looking Weimaraner is afor Virgos with refined tastes. Weimaraners are strong-willed and independent dogs. Virgos love regular walks, which will be of great benefit to these dogs of boundless energy.


Affectionate, gentle and sweet, Whippets are charming and calm-mannered dogs. Whippets love to run and play outdoors, but they also enjoy the earthy pleasures of the home. Their ability to adapt to their surroundings is a perfect match for your hesitant character. They love their owners’ attention as well as active play, so they will appreciate your creativity when you come up with fun activities for you both.


You may think of yourself as strong and powerful, but you don’t associate yourself with any breed of ornamental dog, especially the Chihuahua. However, you might be surprised to find that this is the breed that suits the Scorpio personality. These little dogs are curious, confident and very loyal to their family. They also show jealousy if any other pet whether the person is getting more attention from you than they are. Do you feel a similarity?


You need a dog that will play with the waves, feel happy with you both at home and on the road. A Golden Retriever is such a dog. This breed is popular for many reasons. One of them is the ability to socialise and enjoy life, just like the representatives of the Sagittarius sign. Allow your pet to join you in your daily activities, or provide companionship from other dogs or people when you are busy, as these dogs do not like to be alone.


Pugs are tenacious and devoted, and they also like to be cheerful, just like the people of the Capricorn sign. They don’t require a lot of care or feeding, and can do without a large yard in which to romp. With such dogs, you will feel like a responsible owner and at the same time be able to keep up with your busy work schedule. Although Pugs can be stubborn at times, they will obey your consistent training methods.

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