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The problem of dogs barking too often

Why do dogs bark?

Barking, like growling, snarling or snarling, is a common means of communication for dogs. Dogs bark to protect territory, to show dominance, when they are excited and in some other situations. In other words, barking is a means of communication triggered by strong arousal. Since barking is normal for a dog, there is no problem as long as it does not occur too often.

The problem of excessive barking occurs for several reasons. Heredity is of course a major factor in the ability to bark a lot and often: some breeds, such as terriers for example, bark more often than Basenjis or hounds. However, this problem can occur in any dog of any breed. The key to solving the problem is to identify the stimulus that causes the behaviour to occur.

There are two types of stimuli that cause a dog to bark:

external stimulation, which are caused by any external influences: extraneous sounds, the presence of a stranger in the guardin the territory, the arrival of the host, etc.

Internal irritations. These are caused by inadequate housing conditions, restriction of the dog’s freedom, lack of attention.

How to eliminate barking caused by external factors

In most cases, the problem can be solved by eliminating the factor that causes the barking. For example, if the barking of your dog is caused by the figures of bystanders in the window when you are out, close the windows or move the dog to a quieter place.

Gradual correction of the dog’s behaviour can also solve the problem. When the dog has sucked the number of times you need, praise it. Then say: ‘Quiet! and show him something very tasty or interesting (a favourite toy). Most dogs stop barking immediately. While the dog is quiet, repeat the command and praise him with gentle words.

Repeat this exercise several times, reinforcing the dog’s awareness that silence is very useful for him. Then gradually increase the time of silence. The success of the exercise depends on to how interested the dog is in getting what you are distracting him from barking. If food or an object is important to him, you can teach him to be quiet for 1-2 minutes during the first session.

If that doesn’t work, use a simple household water spray, a water pistol or a plastic bottle of water. As soon as the dog starts barking, say the command and splash water on the dog, trying to hit the nose or eyes. This will not cause any harm, but it is quite unpleasant, so the dog will soon realise that it is better not to bark after the command.

To ensure that the dog understands exactly what is being asked of it and understands the lesson, punishment and pulling on the lead should be given at the exact moment when the undesirable action is being performed. Otherwise, you will simply frighten the dog and the unwanted behaviour will remain unchanged. And don’t forget to give the right encouragement: you can’t bark, but you can sit down and get a piece of the treat, which is much nicer.

How to eliminate barking caused by internal irritants

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