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Those terrible words... animal euthanasia

Putting a pet to sleep is a difficult and painful ordeal for the whole family.

When it’s time for the animal to go out, it’s always difficult. No matter what the reason, no matter how old it is, every owner suffers incredible anguish from having to make such a decision and see their pet’s last minutes. The euthanasia of pets is a difficult and painful ordeal for the whole family.

Animals live shorter lives than their owners, it is the law of nature. And it is the owners who are responsible for the life and care of their pets.

Before making a decision, it is necessary to weigh up all the pros and cons and to understand whether hibernation is really necessary. In which cases can it be said that euthanasia of the pet is the only right solution:

1. Uncontrolled, aggressive behaviour of the animal that endangers the life of others.

This is quite often the case with fighting dog breeds, especially if the dog’s owner has died. As a rule, the aggressive behaviour of the animal is the fault of the human being, but unfortunately, in such a situation, the Putting a dog to sleep is the only correct solution.

2. Incurable illnesses that cause pain and suffering and cannot be alleviated.

This includes end-stage cancer, metastases affecting vital organs, chronic renal failure, where toxins are not removed from the animal’s system and poison the body, gradually causing irreversible changes in the brain or lungs, and spinal cord rupture. Such diseases not only condemn the animal to death, but also cause terrible pain. Often, the owner of a sick pet claims that the animal is not suffering as much, and that it is not strong enough to part with it. In this case, it is important to understand that animals do not react to pain in the same way as humans do: they do not cry or scream, but rather become withdrawn and seek a secluded place. This behaviour tells us that the animal is sick and is in a lot of pain.

3. Trauma or congenital pathologies incompatible with life.

Most common dogs are injured when they fall under the wheels of a car, and cats are injured when they fall from great heights. Polytrauma (multiple trauma) is particularly dangerous – a complex injury to vital organs and fractured bones. It is important to bear in mind here that it is injuries such as these, which are incompatible with life and cause suffering to the animal, can lead to the animal falling asleep. Many serious injuries can be treated. Even after becoming disabled, an animal can lead a normal life and bring joy to its owner.

4. Infectious diseases that threaten family members.

If euthanasia is necessary because of a serious medical condition, we recommend that confirmation of such a diagnosis is obtained from several authorities. Many so-called “veterinarians” are reluctant to treat animals due to financial irrationality and say that the disease is incurable. Sometimes the “doctor” is simply not qualified and does not know how to help the pet.

If the doctor is a “broad-based” doctor, he simply cannot know all the diseases and how to treat them. Seefractures can only be treated by orthopaedic traumatologists. In addition, animal euthanasia often becomes a cover for doctors who have “treated” a pet and have chosen the wrong treatment method.
It is very important to choose not only a good doctor but also a good veterinary clinic. Good diagnostic facilities are half the battle. Only when the clinic has all the necessary diagnostic equipment can you trust the doctor to make the diagnosis. Otherwise, don’t agree with him.

The opposite is also true, when owners are faced with a disease that requires high financial costs and ask vets to put their dog or cat to sleep. Moreover, such requests are based on the birth of a child in the family, a sudden allergy or even the inability of the cat to go to the “toilet”. No self-respecting vet will agree to put a cat or dog to sleep unless it is terminally ill.

Humane euthanasia

If you clearly understand that the only option for euthanising a dog is tor euthanasia of your cat, go to a good specialist in whom you have full confidence. Humane euthanasia of dogs, cats or other animals takes place in two stages:

Suppression of the central nervous system – 1 to 2 minutes after the injection, the animal is no longer in pain. After 10 – 15 minutes, the doctor checks the depth of anaesthesia and if the basic reflexes are gone, the animal moves on to the second stage.
In deep anaesthesia, the animal is injected with a substance that stops breathing, and after 3 – 25 minutes the heart stops (the reverse may also be true).

The doctor then checks whether the animal has suffered clinical death. The specialist should not leave the animal until he or she is 100% sure that the euthanasia of the cat or dog is complete.

If the doctor claims that the euthanasia of the animal can take place without anaesthesia, do not agree in any case. This method is cruel, when the pet does not fall asleep, but suffocates while conscious, feeling terrible suffering!

Any doctor will advise you not to participate in such a procedure, but you have every right to be present, especially if you want to make sure everything is done correctly. But make sure you think about whether you, and especially your children, will be able to cope psychologically.

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