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Tips for making friends with an unfamiliar dog

It’s nice to see people walking down the street or walking in the park with their dogs. Sometimes when we see these animals we can’t help but want to make friends. However, if you do the wrong thing, you might scare the dog away. It is therefore a good idea to take note of the following tips on how to make friends with a strange dog.

Don’t rush to say hello

When you see a cute dog, you immediately want to pet it. However, sudden movements can frighten dogs (as well as people). Approach the animal slowly and calmly. The dog then feels safe and understands that the stranger is not a threat to it or to its owner.

Ask the owner for permission

Another common mistake we make when meeting a dog we don’t know is to approach the animal immediately. Even if you want to pet a cute puppy, you must first get permission from the owner. Since we do not know the dog, we do not know its character.

Avoid direct eye contact

Would you feel uncomfortable if a stranger stared at you in your eyes? Sometimes it can even be frightening. Dogs feel the same way. Try not to look the animal directly in the eye and try not to provoke it.

Sniff the dog

Dogs have a more developed sense of smell than humans, so they know the world by smells. For them, the nose is a second set of eyes. That’s why you should go to the owner first, not the dog. We have to let the animal smell us and then it will decide whether to accept us or not.

Don’t put your hand over the dog’s head

When a person meets a dog, he usually tries to stroke its head. Some dogs don’t like it very much, others don’t like it at all. The animal may perceive such movements as aggression and become angry. Rather, hold out your hand for the dog to sniff.

Let the dog get to know you, but keep your hands safe

If you hold out your hand, the dog will be able to sniff you and get to know you. However, for safety reasons, it is better to clench your fist to hide your fingers in case the dog accidentally attacks.

Respect your dog’s personal space

Not and animals have their own personal space. It must be respected. Keep your distance until the dog gets used to you.

Bury your chin

If you trust the dog, you can pet it. But instead of touching the back or the head, start with the chin. The chin is a safe place for dogs, they like to be touched without feeling threatened.

Pet, but don’t try to hug the dog

A dog may not understand that a person is showing warm feelings towards it. Trying to kiss or hug a dog can make it angry. After all, you wouldn’t like it if a stranger attacked you for a cuddle. Such actions could put you in danger, so you should refrain from them.

If your dog is restless, don’t touch him

You can tell if a dog likes you or not by looking at it. Maybe it doesn’t want to get to know you, or maybe it’s just annoyed. If it is obvious that the dog does not want to get on with you, do not force it. If the dog is anxious or angry, leave it alone.

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