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TOP 7 friendliest dog breeds

It’s no secret that dogs are descended from wolves that were domesticated 10-15 thousand years ago. Over time, the character of domesticated wolves became much milder, allowing man and dog to form a trusting partnership. With more than 300 dog breeds, there is now a companion for everyone with the most desirable character traits. However, perhaps the most common question is which dogs are the friendliest, so here are 10 of the friendliest dog breeds.

1. Labrador Retriever

This is a very affectionate and social dog that appreciates the company of adults as well as children. Although Labrador Retrievers are very energetic dogs and like a wide range of activities, they usually adapt to the rhythm of their owner’s life. These dogs like to get along with other four-legged people – not only dogs but also cats. Labrador Retrievers are very trainable, so it will not be too difficult to teach them various obedience commands. This breed is often used as a therapy dog, helping the disabled.

2. German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherds can make excellent service or guard dogs, but they are very gentle with people they know. Most German Shepherds are good with other dogs and can get along with a house cat. This breed is characterised by a very high level of intelligence, but it is the owner’s task to take care of the proper socialisation and training of the pet, as the dog’s behaviour will depend on it.

3. Biglie

Biggles have a very cute appearance, which is why parents often decide to buy one for their children. However, this should not be the case – a biglie is an active hunting dog that requires quite a lot of daily physical exercise. This breed requires a lot of attention, and if the pet is often left alone, its psyche may be damaged.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most beautiful dogs for most people. Not only their looks are captivating, but also their character: they never show aggression, are willing to get along with people of all ages and get along with other dogs. Golden Retrievers are very fond of children, so this dog can be one of the best companions for families with young children. Perhaps the only drawback is that these dogs are rather heavy feeders: Golden Retriever breeders joke that their dogs are fed only twice a year for half a year.

5. The Yorkshire Terrier

You might be surprised to learn that the Yorkshire Terrier is one of the top ten friendliest breeds, but purebreds are not usually mean. Although Yorkshire Terriers are not particularly fond of the company of other dogs, they get along well with cats.Early socialisation and basic training are essential for this breed, otherwise the pet may have a rather nasty personality.

6. This Cu

This Cu is characterised by its submissive nature, vitality and courage. This breed is quite patient, rarely gets annoyed and is never pushy, so it can be a companion for people of any age. This Cu adapts very quickly to changing environments, so it can be taken on trips, where it will feel really comfortable.

7. Havana Bichon

Havanese Bichons are not very popular in our country, but this is only a matter of time.The breed is very intelligent and reserved, and is willing to get along with both adults and children. Havanese Bichons are very sensitive to their owners’ moods, so they always know when to ask for games and when it is best to just snooze. This breed also gets along with both dogs and cats.

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