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Walking with your dog

Walks are very necessary for our pets.When locked up, a dog becomes lethargic, weak, loses its appetite, or, conversely, starts to get fat. Prolonged sitting in a warm room causes the dog’s coat to thin, its hair to spread all over the room and the feeding period to take much longer. This is particularly detrimental to those dog breeds that are blessed with a naturally thick coat. Often, prolonged restriction of exercise will cause a dog’s character to deteriorate – it will become nervous and will not obey your commands.

Basic rules

Do not train the dog or give it any commands until it is outside. During walks, the dog must be given exercise for physical exertion. It is not just about strengthening the young dog’s body, but also about preparing it physically for a wide range of activities. The dog should feel tired after each walk. To do this, it would be a good idea to take him for a run, to make him overcome obstacles, to make him swim.

Walking is a great way to bond

Take your dog for walks as often as possible, engage him during the walks and you will be sure that your pet will grow up completely healthy. Walking is the best way to win your pet’s heart and create a lasting psychological bond with him.

During walks, your dog should be given complete independence. Let him do his business under your supervision. Getting lost unintentionally is allowed. Just go behind a tree or hide behind a tree and you will see how the dog will start looking for you, even if it is minding its own business at the time. Such getting lost is necessary for a young dog to learn to track your location. You will soon find that it is no longer you who will go looking for a dog that has run off, but the dog itself will remind you from time to time.

Why is it important for a dog to go for a walk with its owner?

Walking together helps the owner and the dog to bond, as does feeding the dog, which should be the sole responsibility of the owner. It should be the dog’s responsibility, and the owner’s should be the dog’s owner. only in exceptional cases. Children are especially prohibited from walking a small dog. They are not yet able to control the dog properly and monitor its behaviour.

Dogs usually get lost when walking with children. There is a simple explanation for this: in the dog’s family hierarchy, the child comes last. The child is next to the dog in this hierarchy, or even further down. The dog is therefore the least likely to listen to the child, even though it is happy to play with it. Later on, the dog begins to show its disobedience also when going for walks with other family members. All this can lead to a situation where you are no longer in control of your dog. This is most common in males.

Walking in the aviary

Some owners living in the country tend to keep their dogs in aviaries. They claim that such hardening will benefit the dog by making its coat coarser and the dog more hardy, but keeping it in an aviary loses the owner’s psychological influence on his dog. In the aviary lAimed dogs are always emotionally poorer, dumber, and have a harder time picking up the elements of dressage. You, in turn, also lose the opportunity to get to know your pet better.

The strong psychological impact of humans on a dog kept in an apartment is undeniable. The more time your dog spends with the household, the more understanding and intelligent he will become. Therefore, the advice is: don’t depress yourself, don’t deprive yourself of the joy of interacting with your pet. It will certainly pay off later.

Long walks and trips

Dog owners often ask if they can take their pet out of town, hiking and walking in the woods with them. The answer is unequivocal: absolutely. For a puppy and a young dog, such trips bring many benefits, and not just in terms of physical fitness. He learns to understand his place in the tent, in the country hut, and develops a code of behaviour in the car, on the train, in public places. He learns not to react to noise in crowded streets

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