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What diseases can our beloved pets transmit to us?

Our beloved pets – cats, dogs and birds – unfortunately sometimes get sick. And, even more sadly, they can pass some diseases on to us. Some of these diseases hardly affect our health at all, but there are others that can not only make us feel worse, but can also be life-threatening.

What are the most common diseases that can be contracted from pets?

Passport disease

This is a deadly viral disease that can be contracted by both animals and humans through the bite of an infected animal. Wild animals are the most common carriers of rabies, but domestic animals can become ill through a bite, saliva or other fluid particles, for example, through an affected skin site.

Symptoms in humans
Pain at the bite site, insomnia, fever, fear, photophobia, delirium, paralysis of the muscles of the lower limbs and eyes.

What to do to avoid getting sick
Vaccinate your pets against rabies every year, and for humans it is essential to be vaccinated as soon as they are bitten by an animal.


DermatomIchthyosis is one of the most common skin diseases that our pets can transmit to us. The disease damages the skin, causing round red spots to appear on the skin. If the disease is left untreated, the inflammation will penetrate deeper into the skin layers.

Symptoms in humans
Red, round-shaped patches on the skin.

What to do to avoid getting sick
Have your dog or cat checked regularly by your vet, wash your hands, keep your home clean, if you suspect contact with a sick animal, thoroughly disinfect any surfaces it may have touched.


Typhoid fever is a serious disease that primarily affects dogs. In humans, the disease leads to enlargement of the liver and spleen and can cause heart rhythm disturbances, myocarditis and anaemia.

Symptoms in humans
Muscle pain, fever, rapid heartbeat, liver or spleen pain.

What to do to avoid getting sick
Vaccinate dogs. Also, do not allow your pet to drink from open containers or bowls – oftenDogs usually catch the disease while bathing or drinking.


Parrot disease is one of the chlamydial infections that can lead to the development of thrombosis or inflammation of the heart muscle in humans.Humans can catch it by inhaling dust or small particles of bird droppings that contain chlamydia.

Symptoms in humans
High fever, weakness, muscle pain, runny nose, pneumonia in severe cases.

What to do to avoid infection
Clean and disinfect the cage regularly and thoroughly, making sure to use a mask and gloves when cleaning.


This is a disease that cats and dogs catch from parasites through raw meat. In most cases it is asymptomatic in humans, but if the disease is severe it can cause serious health problems. Toxoplasmosis is particularly dangerous for pregnant women: the disease can interfere with the development of the foetus.

Symptoms in humans
Fever, cramps, vomiting, muscle or headache, paralysis.

What to do to prevent infection
Follow the rules of hygiene. Wash your hands after contact with animals (especially before cooking or eating), clean cat toilets with gloves, and wash your hands on time.

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