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What is the ideal pet for each Zodiac sign?

Pets have been people’s companions since ancient times. It would be hard to find a home without at least one pet, be it a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a hamster, a hamster, a bird, a fish or a turtle. Communication is inherent in human nature and we seek it in every possible way. And it is easier to go through life when we have a reliable companion. Find out which pet is ideal for each zodiac sign, i.e. what animal would be the best companion for you?


People born under this sign rarely go on holiday. People born under the sign of Aries tend to lead active lives. Dogs are therefore the ideal pets for them. If you are an Aries and are planning to get a dog, be sure to choose a breed that suits your hyperactive nature. Labrador Retrievers are a great choice because they are very friendly, always up for an adventure and very energetic.


Being stubborn, practical and responsible by nature, people born under the sign of the Ox love a comfortable life. They can be very lazy in everyday life, so a cat is their ideal companion. For example, the Scottish Loppet is a great choice as this cat showers its owners with affection and loves to cuddle.


Geminis are quick-thinking, intelligent, sweet, affectionate and curious. They like to provoke engaging conversations and tasks that challenge them and their intellect. They prefer an intelligent pet. For example, a macaw. This parrot can learn new words every day, so it will be very interesting for its Gemini owner.


People born under the sign of Cancer are persistent, sensitive and emotional. They are slow by nature, and although they can be moody and emotional, they are excellent teachers. A cute little hamster is the perfect choice for someone born under this sign. Cancerians know how to take care of even the most delicate things and shower their little pet with all the love and care it needs.


Leo is passionate, creative, generous, adventurous and, of course, loves to be the centre of attention. His personality almost always draws him to the brightest and most precious things in life, whatever the cost. The perfect horse to match his personality and rich tastes is the best choice. There is nothing more regal than a dashing horse. But owning a horse can be quite challenging. Therefore, the second best pet for a Leo is a cat.


Virgo representatives do not like animals that make a mess in the house. They are loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking and practical. They enjoy company, but not at the expense of comfort. The best choice is an aquarium full of fish, which will require minimal maintenance.


Libra are cooperative, diplomatic, helpful, truthful. They are known to have a strong aesthetic sense and attach great importance to beauty and the smallest details of life. For them, a beautiful pet is an obvious choice. Any pure-bred cat, such as a Persian, Siamese or Russian Blue, are good options.


People born under this sign are very strong and like to keep things mysterious. They are resourceful, courageous, passionate and stubborn. Snakes are a good choice for a Scorpio representative. The enigmatic aura of reptiles and the passionate personality of the Scorpio make a fantastic combination.


Spontaneous and freedom-loving, Sagittarius is not a big pet lover. Sagittarians are usually idealistic, generous and have a great sense of humour. Since travel is central to their lives, a low-maintenance pet is ideal. A tortoise would make an excellent pet. A fish is also a good choice.

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