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What should I do if I meet a ? Tips that could save your life

A dog is a true human friend, but it will only stay that way as long as it lives with us. A herding dog is more like a wolf. Stray animals live in packs and mark and protect their territory. They are not afraid of people or other animals. What should you do if you meet a stray dog? Here are some useful tips.

If you encounter an angry stray dog, never run away immediately. If you run, the animal’s instincts may kick in and it will think you are bait. It is better to stand at a safe distance and wait calmly, trying to stay calm until the dog sniffs you. If the dog follows you, stay calm. If it is still behind you, slowly move away.

Also put anything between the dog and yourself that might distract the dog. This could be a backpack, umbrella, shoes or jacket. This will be an obstacle for the animal.

If you are cycling and see a stray dog, it is better not to run as fast as you can. Any quick movement attracts the dog’s attention and it may attack leave or start to leave. If the dog starts following you, get off the bike and stop. It will immediately lose interest in you. Follow the bike for a while before starting to ride again.

Imagine you are walking your dog and meet a stray dog. If the stray tries to attack your dog, you must take your puppy in your arms. If you leave it on the ground, the angry dog could seriously injure it. There is no one right solution in this situation, even holding the dog in your arms may not always help.
There is another way. Instead of holding the dog in your arms, try to distract the vicious dog. If you have any treats, throw them to the stray dog. Most of the time, these animals are always hungry and never refuse food. Throw the food as far away from you as possible.

You should also remember not to look an angry dog in the eye. Try to avert your gaze or otherwise distract the animal. If it is a single dog, you can try saying “no” out loud. If such harsh words are useless, stand still and do not look the dog in the eye. Meeting their gaze is a sign to start a fight. If you manage to stand still long enough, the dog will lose interest in you.

If a dog comes up to you and starts sniffing you, don’t panic, do what it wants. Do not move, do not shake his hand, he may perceive the movement as an attack. The dog is moving very fast, so you won’t be able to grab his hand.

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