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If a parrot is laying eggs and you don’t plan to breed or even have a male parrot, this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Chronic egg laying is a more serious and dangerous problem than most people think. Frequent egg laying can lead to calcium deficiency, weakening of the parrot, difficulty in laying, egg stuck or cloaca fall out, and seizures due to lack of calcium. Measures must therefore be taken to protect the parrot.

This problem is common in nymphs and cockatoos but can occur in all parrots.

Causes of frequent egg laying include hormonal stimulation; too long a photoperiod; inadequate nutrition; genetic predisposition.

What should I do to prevent my parrot from laying eggs?

Reduce the photoperiod. Reduce the daylight hours to 8 – 6 hours per day, the rest of the day should be completely dark (except for nymphs, which may become distracted in complete darkness, so leave a small amount of light for nymphs). This daily regime should not last for more than mDo not remove the laid eggs. The sooner the laid eggs are removed, the sooner the female will lay new eggs. It is recommended to boil the eggs to prevent them from breaking and spoiling. The eggs should be kept for 21 days, as this is approximately the length of the hatching period.

Separate the female from the male. If they live in different cages, keep them in different rooms, preferably so that they do not hear each other. The female and the human may be sexual partners, in which case do not stimulate her. Do not stroke the back, under the wings, on the belly or around the cloaca. The parrot should interact with all members of the family, not just one, to reduce excessive attachment to one person, who may be seen as a partner by the parrot.Eliminate stimuli that encourage nesting. The female may take a mirror or a toy as a partner.Remove toys from the cage.Do not allow the nest to rotate. Remove any material from the cage that the female uses to build the nest (e.g. paper).

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