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Which cat breed is best suited to your Zodiac sign?

Cats, like humans, are independent individuals. They are said to have a soul and to feel their owner’s character through their skin. And which cat breed suits your Zodiac sign?


This is the sign of leaders, independent and extraordinary personalities, who are very self-reliant and endowed with a combative character. The ideal breed for them might be the British Shorthair or the Lily British Cat.


The character of this sign is distinguished not only by its independence but also by its decency and kindness. The ideal cat breed for them is the Siamese, which is the breed with which Taurus finds the best common ground.


people of this sign are dreamy, active and very energetic. They don’t like to sit at home and are always pursuing something that is interesting and very important to them. The best breed for them would be the Persian cat – affectionate, gentle and very independent.


This sign is mysterious, dreamy and unattainable. Sometimes it can’t understand itself, floating in the clouds and building its dream castles on the beach out of sand. The breed that will understand the mysterious soul of this sign is the Ragdoll, also known as the Ragdoll. These cats are as mysterious as their owners.


Lions are distinguished by their combativeness and gentleness at the same time. They either love or hate, there is no third way. They easily form relationships and just as easily break off relationships with those they dislike. A breed that would suit them perfectly is the large and mysterious Maine Coon cat.


Virgos are considered a special sign. They are very self-confident, unique and renowned for their truly royal ambitions and deeds. Their character is most in keeping with the true queen of the feline family, the beautiful tiger-coloured Bengal cat. She is the one with whom Virgos will be most comfortable spending time and finding common ground.


These people are practical, romantic and kind-hearted, and are good at finding common ground with both people and animals. They get on well with any cat, but Sphynxes are considered to be the most suitable breed for them – mysterious, not quite understandable, but surprisingly beautiful and intelligent creatures.


These people are powerful, quite strong and independent individuals who try to be first in everything and always, even if they do not share their future plans, intentions and wishes. The Abyssinian cat is the most in keeping with their character.


Sagittarians are distinguished by their fiery temperament and chivalrous behaviour towards those they value and love. They are courageous, strive for beauty, independence, affection and to impress. The wonderful Russian Blue cat can be the ideal companion for such people.


Capricorns have very high standards of beauty and an understanding of ideal taste. They are reliable companions, able to keep their word like no other, and cope with any circumstances and difficulties. Burmese shorthair cats can become their best friends – a true embodiment of elegance and beauty that will never leave Capricorns indifferent.


This sign is distinguished not only by its kind, patient and peaceful character, but also by its extraordinary taste for originality and its constant pursuit of the new and the exotic. These people will say everything they think straight out, and it is easier for them to tell the bitter truth than to deceive with a pretty lie. The ideal cat breed for them would be the American Shorthair.


These people are endowed with kindness and love, caring and gentleness, which helps them to always feel good in any situation. An exotic shorthair cat is the most in keeping with their character.

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