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Which cat breeds are considered the most dangerous?

Probably most of us, when we decide to buy a cat, expect to get a gentle and indulgent pet that will sit on our laps and purr for hours. Unfortunately, not all cat breeds are so friendly. Remember that their distant relatives are wild predators, so domestic cats also have a certain level of aggression. It is not surprising that some cats become true domestic tyrants.

Here are 5 cat breeds considered to be the most dangerous!

1. Bengal cat

This breed has a very tactful nature and a strong hunting instinct. Bengal cats are extremely intelligent and very active, and can injure their owners. They do not like affection and will certainly use their claws and teeth if they don’t like something, but Bengal cats are quick learners and can learn to behave nicely.

2. Savannah cat

The ancestor of this cat is the Serval, so their aggressive behaviour is understandable without any further comment. Savannah cats are intelligent and curiousbut young ones can be dangerous to humans. They show the highest degree of aggression towards strangers, so do not leave them alone in a room with your guest.

3. British Shorthair Cat

Despite the fact that the British Shorthair cat quickly gets used to its owner, remember that they are still independent and self-reliant. They rarely allow themselves to be petted and do not allow strangers to approach them. Cats of this breed cannot tolerate being picked up by strangers. If their patience runs out, they will certainly use their claws and teeth.

4. Maine Coon

These cats are quite lazy, docile and have a high level of intelligence, but due to their large size, they can cause serious injuries to their owner. Maine Coons can also be aggressive with strangers. Their mood changes very quickly, so great care must be taken with this cat. If you don’t like a Maine Coon, it can injure not only children, but also your ownpeople who have died.

5. Siamese cat

One of the most aggressive cat breeds in the world. Most Siamese cats are true avengers. They can hold a grudge for a long time and attack at the most unexpected moment. Siamese cats do not tolerate displays of affection and lots of attention, but neither do they like neglect. If you look after your Siamese cat properly, it should not cause any problems.

Before you get a pet, find out all the characteristics of the breed and think about whether you can cope with its character. After all, cats are not only cute, but they also like to play pranks!

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