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Which cat breeds behave like dogs? Find out!

Cat lovers jokingly say that they live in the cat’s house, not the other way around.In fact, cats are often quite capricious and not everyone can understand them. However, there are affectionate cat breeds that have the character of dogs.


The American Shorthair is a large cat with a small tail and fluffy fur. They are distinguished by their sharp wit and unprecedented courage. However, these cats are far from being aggressive; on the contrary, they are very loving. Psychological therapy often uses these loyal companions.

Affectionate Burmese cats love to play with their owners. But if he is not at home, she can have fun alone. This breed is suitable for those with children. In addition, this cat is very adaptable to training and follows all the commands it learns willingly.

The seemingly strict Abyssinian cat is very friendly and loves human attention. In addition, communication with the owner is so important to her that a pet is hardly suitable for those who are often away from home. For a long timeIf the animal is lonely, it can become depressed. It is also an intelligent cat breed that can be trained.

Bombay cats will not miss any opportunity to please their owner. This cheerful and playful pet will be a great companion for the whole family. This breed of cat can be trained and will also be happy to go outdoors on a lead.

Cats that behave like dogs

These cats trust their owners completely and love warmth and affection. They meet their owners when they come home, like dogs, and follow them, waiting for a dose of attention.

The Ragamuffin is a breed of cat resulting from a cross between a stray cat and a purebred ragdoll. The pet adapts well to all living conditions. The animal loves human company and will be happy to go with you even in the street.

Okikat is a mix of Siamese and Abyssinian cats.This cat is easy to train and responds well to voice commands. For an intelligent and A loving pet needs companionship. If this is not enough, the pet will try to attract your attention in any way possible.
Manx cats are different from other cats in that they do not have a tail. They are similar to a dog and cannot ignore being separated from their owner. This breed is good for training and responds well to voice commands.

If you want to own a cat like this, study its health characteristics carefully. A lack of tail can lead to a number of problems which are best dealt with at the onset.

The Siberian cat is an excellent companion that is at the same time somewhat invisible. The pet subtly senses changes in its owner’s mood. If you are sad, the cat will surely start to treat you and will not leave you in times of difficulty. This breed gets on well with other animals if they are familiar from a young age.

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