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Which dogs are the smartest?

Stanley Coren, an American professor of zoopsychology at the University of British Columbia, has compiled an intelligence scale for 133 dog breeds. For his research, Coren interviewed dog trainers and dog show judges in the USA.

Group 1. Einsteins

1. Border collie
2. Pudel
3. German Shepherd Dog
4. Golden Retriever
5. Doberman
6. Sheltie
7. Labrador Retriever
8. Papillon
9. Rottweiler
10. Australian Shepherd

From 1st to 10th place are the most intelligent dog breeds, which have the highest level of obedience and working quality. Most of them master a command after 5 or fewer repetitions and obey the trainer’s commands on average 95% of the time. In addition, they respond to commands almost instantaneously! These breeds are easy to train, even for a novice.

Group 2. Intelligent dogs

11. Welsh Corgi Pembroke
12. Cvergschnauzer
13. Springerspaniel
14. Belgian Shepherd Dog
15. Collie
16. German Spitz (Keeshond)
17. Kurchar
18. English Cocker Spaniel
19. Mittelschnauzer
20. American Cocker Spaniel
21. Pomeranian Spitz
22. Welsh Corgi Cardigan

From 11th to 22nd place went to dogs with unique working qualities, whose training takes between 6 and 15 repetitions. these dogs are excellent at remembering commands. They will respond to the first command given 85% of the time or more. Any owner, even without special patience and experience, will be able to train these breeds to an excellent level.

Group 3. Gifted companions

23. Yorkshire Terrier
24. Rydenschnauzer
25. Erdel Terrier
26. Bouvier
27. Briar
28. Samoyed
29. American Staffordshire Terrier
30. Gordon Setter
31. Cairn Terrier
32. Keribliutierre
33. Irish Setter
34. Dwarf Pinscher
35. English Setter
36. Pharaoh Dog
37. Dalmatian

The 23rd to 37th places are occupied by those breeds with above-average trainability. These dogs start to understand simple new commands within 15-25 repetitionsus, but you need to repeat what you’ve learned periodically. These breeds respond to the first command 70% of the time and more often. If training is not regular or if the trainer is inexperienced, commands will be ignored or missed completely.

Group 4. Diligent

38. Bedlington Terrier
39. Toiterrier
40. Irish Wolfhound
41. Saliukis
42. Pointer
43. King Charles Cavalry Spaniel
44. Husky
45. Greyhound
46. Boxer
47. Great Dane
48. Dachshund
49. Bull Terrier
50. Malamute
51. Shar-Pei
52. Fox Terrier
53. Ridgeback
54. Welsh Terrier
55. Irish Terrier
56. Akita Inu

The breeds ranked 38th to 56th are hard-working dogs with moderate abilities. They understand commands after 15-20 repetitions, but require 25-40 repetitions to maintain the effect. these breeds respond to the first command 50% of the time and more often. In the absence of regular practice, these dogs forget the skills quite quickly.

Group 5. Ugrasshoppers

57. Reader
58. Silihemo Terrier
59. Pug
60. French Bulldog
61. Brussels Griffon
62. Italian Greyhound
63. Chinese Crested Dog
64. Japanese Chin
65. Bobtail
66. Scottish Terrier
67. Saint Bernard
68. Great Pyrenees Dog
69. Chihuahua
70. Lhasa Apso
71. Bullmastiff

57th to 71st places were taken by breeds that need 25 repetitions to remember commands and 40 to 80 to perform them perfectly. They are poor memorisers and need to refresh their skills from time to time. These dogs like to walk on their own, make their own decisions and only react to their owner when they are near him. These dogs are not for novices, as training them will not be the easiest activity even for an expert.

Group 6-a. Simply beautiful!

72. this cu
73. Basethaund
74. Mastiff
75. Bigli
76. Beijing
77. Bladhaund
78. Kurt
79. chow-chow
80. Bulldog
81. Basenji
82. Afghan Hound

Completing the ranking are the breeds ranked from

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