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Which dogs don't bark or smell bad: 10 breeds ideal for an apartment

The Cocker Spaniel has long been my parents’ favourite dog breed. God knows how many puppies grew up in our apartment on the 5th floor. But as she got older, my mother became allergic to animal hair. Then she and her father started to look for dogs that were odourless and the least shedding.

The playful red-haired mutt loved to take baths, meet my father coming home from work and sleep in the same bed with him. Therefore, the decision to give up the beloved breed seemed very difficult for my parents. However, they chose 10 ideal pet candidates. These dogs are the most suitable for apartments because they feed the least and give off the least odour. I thought it would be useful to share this list with you too!


Poodles are not only naturally clean, but they don’t shed at all, even though they are adorably fluffy. To prevent matting, your puppy’s coat should be brushed regularly. Poodles are also odourless, even though they enjoy an active lifestyle.

Western Scottish White Terrier

They are true friends of other animals and best friends of children. White Terriers are flexible, obedient and loyal. Although they do not shed much, their long coat tends to tangle easily. Therefore, do not hesitate to brush it daily. They can also be clipped. They also like bathing, although they do not give off an unpleasant odour.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are good for people with slight allergies and are almost odourless. But they have a lot of fur, so you will have to brush your dog at least every other day. If you don’t want to mess with the dog’s hair, just take the dog to the groomer. And immediately after the haircut, dress your pet in warm overalls. Your dog will be ready for a walk!

Norfolk Terrier

The charming and funny Norfolk Terrier gets along well with both children and adults. However, they only recognise one owner.Their coarse coat is seasonally shed and practically odourless. Nevertheless, you also have to brush it. If the length of the coat bothers you, take your dog to a hairdresser.

Malta Bichon

Another dog on this list is the Maltese Bichon. It is a small pocket dog. This breed is simply adored by women and the elderly. It is an affectionate and friendly animal, easy to train. Their long hair needs to be brushed regularly and their bangs tied with a hair elastic.


The thick wavy coat of this long-legged handsome puppy is fascinating at first sight. But don’t be too quick to judge a book by its cover. Erdelterriers are strict and have their own opinions. They need strict training from an early age. Otherwise, it is not you who will lead the dog, but the dog who will lead you. However, a properly trained terrier can be a good friend.

Jack Russell Terrier

The dog is very active, so having a yard is a huge advantage. If the puppy’s energy has to be spent at home, one week’s cleaning will not be enough. However, they are quite easy to maintain: wash the dog’s paws after every walk. And a short coat won’t even get dirty.

Portuguese Water Dog

This curly giant is also known as the Portuguese Water Dog. If you don’t want to buy a dog the size of a cat, the Portuguese is for you. The dog doesn’t bark at all and hardly smells. But because it has a lot of wool, it is better to take the dog to a hairdresser straight away and have its fine haircut.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Although the bull terrier looks menacing, inside it is still a loving little dog. He loves children and playing outside. From a young age, get him used to the company of other dogs so that he is not aggressive as an adult. Occasionally brush his short coat and wash his paws after walking.

Chinese Crested

The most expensive variety on this list is the Chinese Crested. Although this dog doesn’t shed (because it doesn’t have much hair) and doesn’t smell, you still have to work with it. For example, for bathing you should buy a special hypoallergenic shampoo. The dog’s skin is sensitive to the sun and cold, so you can’t do without overalls! However, if you like the look of a puppy, it is a good choice for an apartment.

If you’ve been wanting a furry friend for a long time, but are held back by allergies or aversion to animal smells, our list can really help. These odourless dogs will win you over not only with their size but also with their charm. As Janusz Wisniewski said, “God help me to be the man my dog thinks I am”. After all, you can’t find a better friend than a dog, can you?

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