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Why cats scratch and how to wean them from it

To find out how to wean your cat from scratching, you first need to find out why it happens. When a cat is scared, its claws protect it. When a cat’s claws need to be scratched to make them pointy, it will initially use the stand, but then it may get so scared that it will start to sharpen its claws in your jeans, and under your jeans, and on your legs, which is not so important for a cat.

Cats also scratch because they want to leave their scent on all surfaces, including their owner. Between the pads of a cat’s paws are glands that produce secretion. Its smell is a warning: the territory is already occupied.

Scratching as self-protection

If a cat attacks you, its ears are open, it hisses and it is ready to release its claws at any moment, it is frightened about something or uncomfortable with your behaviour. In such a situation, to avoid scratching, you should simply leave the cat alone and let it hide. Cats will not attack first if they realise that the threat has been removedTa. You should explain this to your children.

Cat tears up when she is stroked

This is another widespread cause that confuses cat owners. Many people start to see a cat that scratches when stroked as aggressive, but this is not the case. Even the calmest, gentlest and sweetest cat can bite or scratch during petting.

If a cat is scratching or biting you, stop, do not pet it under any circumstances, and do not try to do the same in return or to calm it down.

Cats usually scratch when you stroke their belly, which is a very vulnerable and sensitive area for cats. It is very easy to predict when a cat is about to scratch – watch the cat’s tail and if it starts to twitch, it is better to stop all the stroking to prevent it from scratching you.

Scratching during play

This is the most common cause, especially in kittens and young cats. If a cat suddenly attacks and dribbles and then leaps aside and dashes off at the speed of the wind, this is a cat’s favourite game.

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