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Why do cats meow? Up to 7 possible reasons

A cat’s meow is like crying. It can be plaintive or loud, persistent or even annoying. It is therefore useful for all cat owners to know the possible causes of meowing.

And it may not just be the banal desire to eat. Sounds, and meowing in particular, are for humans. Cats are intelligent and understand that humans communicate primarily through sounds, so they adapt to our habits. Cats meow for several reasons and the sound varies according to breed, age and even temperament.

What do cats meow for most often?

A cat is hungry

The simplest and most common reason why a cat meows is hunger. Cats have a highly developed internal clock and know exactly when it is time to eat. It is hard to mistake such demanding meowing for anything else. Make a feeding schedule and try to stick to it so that your cat is not constantly asking for food.

Cat wants to go out

Cats often think they are on the wrong side of the door. They often cry to get people to play the doorman. It is better not to close the door completely if you do not want to play this game.

Cat needs attention

Cats are quite sociable and need attention. A cat may meow to get your attention and ask for affection. Be sure to reciprocate with affectionate gestures, because if you ignore the cat’s request, you will be rejected later when you want to interact yourself.

Cat not happy

When a cat is forced to do something it does not like, it often meows. For example, cats often meow when they are held in your arms but do not want to be held. Watch your pet’s body language and stop forcefully taking him or her in your arms if the cat is not happy with it.

Cat is frightened

A cat may start meowing when bitten, but more often fear is expressed by hissing and growling. A really scared cat hides and is silent, not wanting to draw attention to itself.Find out what is frightening your pet and try to get rid of the source of the fear.

Cat not feeling well

Sick cats try to hide their illness, but there are exceptions. Some meow in pain or discomfort. If the meowing has become too frequent and unreasonable, it is best to see a vet.

Cat is just chatty

It happens. The Oriental breeds – Siamese, Bengal, Tonkinese and Sphynx – talk a lot.

How do you decipher a cat’s meowing?

Unfortunately, humans, of course, have little understanding of cat language. To understand what your pet is trying to say when it meows, pay close attention to what it is doing at the time. Cats are creatures of habit and meowing at the same time in the same place usually means the same thing, so you can predict what your pet wants.

Listen to your cat and watch him

When you put food in the bowl, a hungry cat becomes impatient and its meows are a complaint, a demand that you hurry up and refill the bowl.

Is your cat tired of being petted? Then the meowing intensifies and becomes harsh or even mixes with growling to indicate possible aggression. If you continue, the cat is likely to bite or scratch.
Cats often meow at closed doors to indicate that they want to come in or go out. The longer you ignore the screams, the more demanding they will become.

A cat rubs against your leg. Meowing during this action may indicate that she needs some attention, such as a stroke or a play.

Is your cat riding in the car? Meowing at this time usually indicates anxiety or fear.
Meowing at the vet is common when cats are scared of strange noises and smells.

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