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Why do cats perceive their owners as their parents?

Despite the myths, cats form close bonds with their owners. Like other domestic animals, cats become attached to people. Like a child, they perceive their owners as parents. They feel a great devotion to them.


Have you ever felt that your beloved cat is like a baby to you? Now you will know exactly what is true. Scientists have observed animals and proved it: the cats we raise see us as parents.

They are social animals

Our domestic cats are very keen to socialise. They are very sensitive and want to make friends and interact with other animals. They are no strangers to feelings of love or loss. Nature has made it so that pets are able to bond with people. Cats perceive us as other cats, only bigger. We are like family to them.

Cats feel love for us

The truth is that every cat seeks intimacy with its owner. Little tricks cleverly hiding where you don’t even notice. In fact, they want to be involved in the owners’ affairs, sometimes even imitating their behaviour, developing a stable communication habit. Not only kittens, but also adult cats. This is a good sign: it means that the pet sees you as the head of the family.

They get stressed when their owner is not around.

People who have studied cat behaviour have carried out a test: if the owner leaves their cat alone for just 2 minutes, it starts to feel tense and insecure. Most of the time, pets in such situations get stressed, run away and hide. But when the owner returns, the tension is significantly reduced.

Your shoulders are their comfort zone

A cat is able to feel safe at home. Researchers have done studies and found that a high percentage of kittens immediately feel in a comfort zone if they are in the arms of their owner. In this respect, parallels can be drawn with the relationship between parents and children.

They really care about you

It is not only humans who care. A cute furry creature is also capable of love. They express themselves in different ways: by whining, cuddling, purring, rubbing their head and licking you. A domestic cat will often wash its owner to show that it trusts him completely. In these moments, pets feel relaxed and happy.
People need to listen to their smaller pets because we are responsible for the ones we tame. For your cat, you are not just the owner or the one who brings the food. They see in us a loving mum and dad, a family leader. Cats expect warmth and affection from us and want to be cared for like real children.

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