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Why does a dog growl and how to deal with it?

Moaning is one of the ways dogs communicate.Dogs moan when they want to let each other know where they are. The initial wolf howl is a way of communicating, for example, when a pack is out in the woods and a lone wolf starts to howl, asking “Where is everybody?”, it is answered by distant, indistinct, plaintive and just plain wonderful voices from all sides.

Why does the dog howl?

It is not only loneliness that makes a dog moan. Some dogs howl when they meet people, others howl with happiness, others howl to music. Dogs have almost the same acoustic range as humans, i.e. about eight and a half octaves, but their sensitivity within this range is very high, for example, they can distinguish between notes that differ from each other by only one eighth of a tone. This explains why dogs learn so easily to follow the shepherd’s commands when he whistles. One of the most important areas of the human brain contains a special area of the cerebral cortex that recognises music. There may bei that dogs also have a centre that recognises music.

Music reduces tension

It can calm the dog and give him confidence. The invitation to sing to Beethoven’s (or anyone else’s) music is always done deliberately: the dog starts to groan because he wants to, it gives him joy. If he doesn’t like the music, he will just get up and leave.

Some dogs react very painfully when left alone in the house. They usually start to moan loudly and violently. This brings a lot of discomfort. Especially when the dog lives in an apartment.

Instruction on how to deal with it

Getting a dog to growl, or rather to accept its owner’s departure calmly, is much easier when the animal is still small. It is then that the foundations of perception are formed.

First of all, there is no need to create a goodbye scene when leaving. It is simply a matter of dressing calmly and walking away.

Secondly, under no circumstances should you go back if there is a barking noise outside the door, because the dog andI think it’s a way for him to win you back, and he’ll be sure to remember it.

Thirdly, when you come back, bring your beloved pet from the doorstep to say hello and don’t let him jump on you. You can simply let your puppy sniff your hand quietly to calm him down.

If you have already missed out on educating your dog, you need to use special training techniques. All of them require time and patience. Do not try to speed up the re-education process. Everything must be done gradually in a strict but friendly atmosphere.

Enter behind the door and wait for the dog to pause in its barking, even for a second. At that moment, come in and praise him and give him a treat. Repeat this several times. This will not solve the problem in one day, so you will need to repeat it for several days in a row to consolidate the result.

If the incentive method doesn’t work, you can try another method. For example, the spray method. Take a spray bottle with water and go out the door.

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