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Why a dog licks its owner and more interesting facts about these animals

Dog lovers are amazed by some of the actions of these animals: their paws tremble when they sleep, their head tilts to the side, or they wander around the house after a bath like a rabbit. There is an explanation for all these actions. After all, animals have their own language.

In order to better understand the animal kingdom, we need to study them with great interest. this article presents facts about man’s most loyal friend. How to learn to understand the language of dogs correctly?

Catches its tail

There are three main reasons for this action that should not be ignored. Firstly, when a dog is bored, it is being entertained. Secondly, he may have parasites that make his body itchy. Finally, if the dog catches its tail, it may be uncomfortable. In other words, it may be related to stress due to the restriction of freedom, as well as depression related to the loss or any other emotional trauma.

Licking the owner’s face and legs

This is a basic way of expressing affection for the owner. For dogs, licking is almost somekisses to people. If a dog licks your feet, it wants to smell and taste your skin.

Tilts its head to the side

This is probably the cutest movement. The dog turns his head to understand us better. According to some experts, animals can hear certain sounds and words more clearly when they tilt their head.

Shake the toy

Dogs are distant relatives of wolves. As a result, they have inherited genes for wild animal behaviour. They think that a toy is prey, so they instinctively shake it.

Bites the nose

A dog scratches its nose with both paws to relieve itching. If it covers its eyes with its front paws, it shows loyalty to its owner. Eye contact is usually a challenge for dogs, so if the dog closes its eyes, it is demonstrating its humility to its owner.

After bathing, they run around the house

Bathing is stressful for many dogs, so they run around the room like crazy to feel free. This not only helps the dog’s coat to dry more quickly, but also helps it to regain its naturalnatural smell. Dog owners should be aware that dogs do not like the smell of shampoo.

Turns over before lying down

Man domesticated the dog centuries ago, but some of the traits of its wild ancestors are still present. Wolves turn around before they lie down to assess the situation and check for threats.Of course, the domestic dog does this unconsciously. On the other hand, it can also check that the bed is comfortable.

Sits at the owner’s feet

In nature, all members of the tribe stick together and sleep together. Pets also treat their hosts with special affection and respect because they consider the hosts to be the leaders of the tribe. Some experts say that if a dog lies at its owner’s feet and will not move away from him, it shows a willingness to care. The animal just wants to take care of you.

Sleeping well

Dogs can start to shake when they dream. It is recommended not to wake the animal at this time. This is because they may lose spatial orientation and become confused. After all, this is what happens to a person who is woken up unexpectedly.

Wipes the tail

There are various explanations for the tail wagging. In many cases, it indicates that the dog is ready to play. Another reason for wagging the tail is the joy of seeing the owner appear. These animals are very loyal to their owners. Whatever the age of the dog, they move their tail because they are very happy to see their owner.

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