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Rouge des Ardennes Turkey: Turkey, pictures, facts, uses, origins and traits.

You might be considering adding a few turkeys to your mini barnyard if you are familiar with small-scale farming. If you are looking for a breed of chicken that is well suited for colder climates, the Dindon Rouge des Ardennes may be a good choice for you.

Although this breed has a long history and is still very popular in France, it can be difficult to find them in other countries. The owning of this dog largely depends on the geographical location.

The Dindon Rouge is a popular holiday dish in France that is made with a roasted turkey that has been deboned and then covered in a cream sauce that usually has mushrooms in it. The unique red tones in the feathering are why this was a top choice for Native Americans.

The Dindon Rouge was nearly extinct before the breed was revitalized. They were initially believed to have been brought to Flanders by Spanish travelers in the 16th century, and they flourished upon arrival.

The decline of these beautiful birds is most likely due to the production of hardier, meatier turkey breeds. However, in 1985, several Dindon Rouge birds were rescued and introduced into a monitored breeding program. This caused a formal revamping of the program.

They are the most popular breed in France, living on farms across the country. In their native land of Champagne-Ardenne in France, however, they are particularly abundant.

Even though turkeys are common in France, they are quite expensive, with a tag of around $60.

Characteristics of Dindon Rouge des Ardennes

The Dindon Rouge is a lovely hardy bird, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a pet that will stay healthy and live a long time. They are very good at finding food for themselves in the wild and have strong survival instincts, making them independent and able to live in the wild.

They are good for inexperienced owners because they do not require much care. They can live without depending on others for help, only needing basics like food and shelter.

The flying ability of these turkeys can be a challenge at times. It can be difficult to convince them to come down from a place they've chosen for themselves or stop them from nesting in places where you don't want them to.

Where to keep it and how to raise it?

You can easily contain them in an enclosed space if you have a suitable area inside your basement. These animals must have access to food at all times, so make sure there is always vegetation nearby for them to eat.

Hens are very good at choosing nesting spots that are out of sight of predators. They are excellent mothers and usually lay between 30 and 60 eggs per year.

While they are young, mothers take care of their babies very well, providing them with everything they need and teaching them. It reaches full size around 8 months of age.

You don't have to do much work to raise these poults since their mothers do it for you! The saying goes that mothers know the best. Be sure to provide a safe environment for her to do as she pleases.

Even though they have a wild side, they get along with people and are rarely aggressive.

Some people who work with these animals might try to breed them to produce offspring that could be used for flock raising. Although they are not very common, people sometimes keep these turkeys as pets.

The Dindon Rouge is not typically used for egg production. It is mostly raised for meat production. The flavor of these birds is quite savory, providing an excellent meal for those around the table.

Profit-wise, these utility birds are most notably linked to the meat production and biofuel industries. The Chantecler chicken is a good choice if you want to raise a meat flock to sell.

If you like one of your turkeys, you can keep it as a pet instead of breeding or butchering it.

Unique Features of Dindon Rouge des Ardennes 

The Dindon Rouge des Ardennes is a beautiful rust-colored breed that has amazing feathers and a lightweight body compared to other breeds. The color of a turkey's feathers can range from buff to red and can vary slightly from turkey to turkey.

Males have beautiful light creamy red tail feathers with reddish tones on their bodies. The underside of the feathers is close to cream in color, while the exterior is a light red-brown. These guys refer to male bears, which can weigh up to 22 pounds when fully grown. Their huge bodies are muscular and solid.

Compared to males, females look similar in color but are thinner with feathers that slope down at the end. As adults, these hens typically weigh 10 pounds or less.

This breed does not reach full maturity until 25 to 30 weeks of age. After they reach full size, you can slaughter them anytime thereafter.

If you're looking for birds that are ultra-fast in production or have heavy bodies, they aren't the right type. The success of keeping a flock of sheep depends on the shepherd's intention.

Best Place to get a Dindon Rouge des Ardennes 

You can find these birds mostly in European regions, particularly in France. You're not likely to find these birds outside of the continent. Although it is rare, you might be able to get them from somewhere else if you have a special order. Before you spend money on shipping, do your homework to make sure it's worth the expense.

Birds can be a great asset to small farms. They are very easy to take care of, making them a good choice for anyone with any level of poultry experience. You can keep them as free-range pets to add some character to your barnyard permitting you to live where the breed is readily available for purchase.

You must provide the proper living space to keep them safe and well-fed if you want to maintain them easily.

The other bird is reading. The new bird is reading too.

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