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King Charles Yorkie (Mixture of King Charles Spaniel and Yorkie): Images, Information, Care, & More!

Height: 7 – 12 in Weight: 6 – 18 lbs Lifespan: 12 – 14 years Colors: White, Blue, and Tan Applicable to: People living in apartments People who have yards, active seniors Temperament: Affectionate, Jovial, and Protective

Although this crossbreed is relatively new to the dog world, the parent breeds have a long history and devoted fans all over the world. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a 19th-century revival of an ancient royal breed. The Yorkshire Terrier is the result of a triple crossbreeding that transformed a rat-hunting dog into a beloved lapdog.

A Yorkalier, also known as a King Charles Yorkie, is a playful and intelligent King Charles Cavalier x Yorkshire Terrier crossbreed. They will win your heart with their adorable faces and Yorkie or Cavalier coloring. They combine the best characteristics of the Yorkie and Cavalier breeds and are adept at hunting, sports, and performing tricks. These tiny puppies are well-suited for any family, and with proper socialization, they can get along well with any person or animal!

King Charles Yorkie Puppies: Purchasing Tips

Energy: Adaptability to Training: Health: Longevity: Sociability:

How much do King Charles Yorkie Puppies cost?

King Charles Yorkie puppies typically cost between $1,500 and $4,000, depending on where you purchase the dog. Always purchase from a reputable breeder who performs their due diligence in regards to their breeding stock!

King Charles Cavaliers are prone to severe health problems as a result of their resurrection's breeding methods. Those seeking to acquire a Cavalier crossbreed should be wary of the breeders they support. When requested, a reputable Cavalier breeder will be able to provide genetic testing results for their breeding stock.

Three obscure details about King Charles Yorkies

One of the most famous dogs of World War II is a Yorkie named Smoky.

A World War II soldier discovered smoke in the New Guinea jungles. Another American soldier purchased the dog and adopted her as a pet. Because she did not qualify as a war dog, he would share rations with her.

She accomplished great things despite and even because of her diminutive stature. She would accompany soldiers on missions and warn them of the presence of enemies before they could hear their approach. She would accompany the nurses on rounds to boost the spirits of injured soldiers.

She even threaded a telegraph wire through a seventy-foot pipe. Since the diameter of the line was only 8 inches, it would have taken men days to complete the task. With the wire attached to her collar, Smoky ran through the pipe. She pulled the wire through the pipe in mere minutes, saving time and protecting the men from harm.

It was alleged that King Charles II neglected his kingdom in favor of his Cavalier Spaniels.

According to legend, King Charles II, for whom the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is named, refused to leave the house without at least three spaniels at his heels. His affection for dogs was so great that he was frequently accused of neglecting his kingly duties to care for his numerous dogs.

He was so devoted to his dogs that he decreed they could enter any building, including the Houses of Parliament and other high-security areas.

Because the Yorkie coat is woven on a loom, it is said to be long and silky.

The Yorkie was bred specifically to hunt rats in textile mills. This association with clothing mills and their employees spawned the popular joke that their long, silky coat was the result of the looms and weavers they were bred to guard.

The disposition and intelligence of King Charles Yorkies

Both the Cavalier and the Yorkie are quite playful, but the Yorkie is a significantly more active breed. The temperament of a puppy will largely depend on which parent it takes after. Puppies with a greater proportion of Yorkie ancestry will be more excitable and boisterous than those with a greater proportion of Cavalier ancestry.

Cavaliers and Yorkies are both predisposed to separation anxiety. Consider that your puppy may not want to be apart from you for an extended period of time. Your dog will not be content in its crate while you are away. They would rather spend the entire day by your side.

Are King Charles Yorkies Family-Friendly?

Their small size and generally affable dispositions make them excellent family pets. They will be able to get along with virtually any other creature, human or animal, if they have a solid socialization. A well-socialized King Charles Yorkie makes an ideal companion for children. They do not pose the same risks as bringing in a large dog with young children due to their small size.

Having more people who can alleviate these dogs' loneliness is also beneficial.

Are King Charles Yorkies Companionable with Other Pets?

King Charles Yorkies can be aggressive toward small animals because the Yorkshire Terrier was bred to hunt rats. However, socialization with other animals can correct any remaining behavioral issues. Due to their diminutive size, similarly sized or larger animals that share the home are generally safe, with the exception of a few ankle bites.

What You Should Know About Owning a King Charles Yorkie

Dietary and Food Requirements

Dietary requirements are one of the most challenging aspects of owning a King Charles Yorkie. As a puppy, they may require encouragement to consume enough food. Yorkies are known for their energy and generally have no trouble maintaining a healthy weight, whereas Cavaliers are known to gain weight if given the chance. It is imperative that they monitor their diet to help them maintain a healthy weight!


The Yorkie has a great deal of energy and will want to play frequently, whereas the Cavalier tends to be more laid-back. A daily walk will help stimulate and maintain their minds and bodies. It will assist in suppressing any destructive behaviors that may result from a lack of mental or physical stimulation and aid in keeping the Cavalier trim.


The Cavalier is known for its intelligence and trainability as a show dog. Yorkies are not dimwitted, as they are descended from generations of rat-hunting dogs. This crossbreed is regarded as highly trainable, despite possessing a stubborn streak due to its terrier ancestry.


The King Charles Yorkie has a straight and fine coat that is medium to long in length. The length of the skin may suggest that it would shed heavily, but coats with a fine texture do not shed excessively! King Charles Yorkie grooming requirements are moderate. Their coats will remain smooth and glossy with regular brushing, but they do not need to be brushed daily.

Health Problems

The King Charles Yorkie breed is not associated with any specific health conditions. However, the puppy may inherit a number of minor and severe health conditions from its parents.

Regarding health concerns, the Cavalier is an extremely unhealthy breed. They are also susceptible to syringomyelia and other severe diseases.

Minor Ailments
  • Allergies
  • Wet Eyes
  • Serious Disorders
  • Heart Disorders
  • Luxating Patella
  • Syringomyelia
  • Retinal Dysplasia
  • Hip Problems
  • Male vs Female

    Although males may be slightly larger than females, there are no other significant differences between the sexes in these two breeds.

    Final Reflections

    Two popular toy dog breeds have bred to create a new but rapidly popular hybrid. The King Charles Yorkie is a good addition to any family seeking a small dog with a big personality and heart.

    Due to the Cavalier's poor health history, anyone considering purchasing one of these dogs should thoroughly investigate the breeder. The practices and forms they can generate for you will help you determine the future health of your puppy and address any health problems they may have before they become a problem.

    The King Charles Yorkie is an excellent addition to any family, regardless of size, if cared for properly. We hope you will adore them as much as they adore you.

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